Choosing a Hospital

The NYS Hospital Profile provides various quality measures and tools for comparing hospitals. You may also want to consider the following before selecting a hospital:

  1. Speak with your doctor and ask:
    • Which hospitals do you personally work with?
    • Which hospital would you recommend for my condition and why?
    • Were your other patients treated well at that hospital?
  2. Talk to your health insurer about:
    • Potential restrictions on which hospitals you can go to for non-emergency care.
    • How visiting certain hospitals may affect how much you pay.
  3. Check if the hospital:
    • Is accredited as meeting health and safety standards by a national organization, such as the The Joint Commission.
    • Monitors, evaluates, and improves its quality of care.
    • Is conveniently located.
    • Has sufficient visiting hours that meet your needs.
    • Is clean and comfortable.
    • Has private rooms.